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Awesome Couple

Raisa Erika Estabaya

The Bride

Raisa is a woman of beauty, brains, and personality. She is brave and strong, yet humble and kind — her taste of style and fashion is just a bonus aside from her character. She is the most awesome friend that everyone must have. And if you know her personally, you would agree that she is one of the most God-fearing people that you have ever met. Her devotion to the people she loves is unmatched as she does everything with a touch of love. She is definitely a keeper, and that is why Vincent fell for her.

John Vincent Yang

The Groom

Vincent is a programmer and loves to play basketball. He always does his best at everything, which helped him achieve success in life. People like Vincent because of his humor and wit. He always tries to find a way to make people laugh. He believes that happiness is a choice and that there is always a reason to smile. Aside from being cheerful, Vincent is also sweet, loving, and passionate. A balance of being responsible and funny helped him get to Raisa's heart.

Their Story

  • Have you met Vincent?

    They first met in college at De La Salle University - Manila. Vincent had, and still has, a huge crush on Raisa. Finally, a common friend introduced them to each other. Since then, Vincent would find a way to talk to Raisa.

  • First impressions last

    The excitement of a first date is great, and theirs was no exception. They had their first date at Robinsons Galleria while waiting for their friends to watch a movie. They had lunch together at The Old Spaghetti House where they started getting to know each other.

  • Good things come to those who wait

    Vincent went on a vacation for three weeks. As soon as he got back, he gathered his courage to ask Raisa if they can officially be together. Due to Vincent's persistence and undying love for Raisa, she realized that she wanted to take whatever they had to the next level. One year of courting was no problem for Vincent. It was surely worth the wait!

  • She Said Yes!

    She's the one! After five fruitful years of love and awesomeness, Vincent finally found the nerve to propose to Raisa. He secretly asked Raisa's parents out on a date to ask for their blessing. That same night, he proposed to his beloved Raisa, and the rest is history.

  • Walking down the aisle

    After being together for almost seven years, Raisa and Vincent will celebrate love with the people who surrounded them in their so-called journey of love.


Main Ceremony

24th feb 2018 04:00 PM

Our ceremony is at Gazebo Garden in Palazzo Verde at 4:00 in the afternoon. Come and join us as we exchange vows of marriage and celebrate life and love. Guests are encouraged to dress comfortably. Please keep in mind that this is an outdoor ceremony. High heels and uncomfortable formal wear are not recommended.

Address Gazebo Garden, Palazzo Verde, Daang Reyna, Las Piñas
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Wedding Party

24th feb 2018 07:30 PM

Reception will immediately follow after the wedding ceremony at Victorian Garden 2 in Palazzo Verde — just a walking distance from the ceremony venue. Cocktails will be served right before the order of events. The program will start at 7:30 in the evening. Witness the celebration of love and the beginning of fruitful years ahead.

Address Victorian 2, Palazzo Verde, Daang Reyna, Las Piñas
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With all that we have, we've been truly blessed. Your presence and prayers are all that we request. But if you desire to give nonetheless, monetary gift is one we suggest.


We are looking forward to celebrating with you. Please RSVP on or before February 5, 2018.

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